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Precision marksmanship training with Rifle Бизнес

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  • Precision marksmanship training with Rifle

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This course is designed for clientele who have an intermediate competency level within their perspective field of firearms experience.
Whether you are a hunter, security officer or sports competitor you sometimes need qualified instructors to get you to the next level. Instructors are trained to analyse your current shooting style and techniques. Clients will have their personal technique deconstructed and explained to them in a systematic format. Students will then be put through a series of shooting exercises which are designed to enhance or adjust their shooting performance. Students will find that within an 8-hour training session they will advance their skills faster than could be achieved, in some cases years.
Duration: 3 Days
–Weapons design as it pertains to accuracy.
–Adjusting position tailored to different body types.
–Obtaining optimal grip and control of the weapon.
–Applied breathing techniques.
–Sight picture techniques for speed and accuracy.
–Shooting tempo and placement.
-Alternative shooting styles and adjustments.
Facility : outdoor tactical shooting range and polygon

Weaponry: SAR АК 47/Arsenal/ , M 4 carbine etc.

Ammunition : minimum of 300 rds per person from the calibres 7.62х39mm and 300 rds 5.56х45mm

Number of trainees : a minimum number of 5 persons is required

Certificate : a Certificate for professional qualification in the profession “Security Officer”, “Close Protection” specialty – “Tactical Shooting” , and Europass Supplement, recognized in all EU countries

Equipment : appropriate clothes due to the weather conditions and season , comfortable shoes, sport tracksuit/clothes.

Price of training course : 868 EUR per person ( in the price is not included accommodation and catering services)

The payment can be made by bank transfer, a deposit is required , equal to 30%.


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