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Product name:N-Methylformamide
Alternate Names N-Formylmethylamine
Application Notes N-Methylformamide is the precursor to methyl isocyanide by dehydration with tosyl chloride in pyridine. Reagent for replacement of an activated chlorine in an aromatic or heteroaromatic ring by the methylamino group.
Base Catalog Number 15554991
Beilstein Registry Number 1098352
Boiling Point 198-199 °C(Lit.)
CAS # 123-39-7
Density 1.011 g/mL at 25 °C(Lit.)
EC Number 204-624-6
Flash Point 98.8 °C(Lit.)
Hazard Statements H312-H360
Melting Point −4 °C(Lit.)
Molecular Formula C2H5NO
Molecular Weight 59.07
Appearance: colorless liquid
Purity: >99%
Band name: Golt biotech
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