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Мастер Про Тъч - Master Pro Touch Бизнес

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  • Мастер Про Тъч - Master Pro Touch

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MASTER PRO TOUCH – the world’s first ultrasonic milk analyzer with touch screen. Innovative technology ensures easy and efficient operation with the device. Master Pro Touch is new generation milk analyzer equipped with 7’ touch screen graphic display. Fast and easy overview of the records saved in electronic table directly on the analyzers’ display, without using a PC.Data transfer option to PC in Microsoft Excel is available for Master Pro Touch.Fast and easy input of parameters for calibration and corrections directly on the buttons as well as on-screen keypad for entering customers and liters data. 7‘ display allows the sample measurement results to be visible on the screen until next analysis is in process.Available options (by customers’ request only) – conductivity, built-in printer, USB flash memory stick, second peristaltic pump for automatic cleaning, PH, accumulator, weighting scales, remote display.Three calibration channels are available. Standard calibrations for milk analyzer MASTER PRO TOUCH are for Cow milk, Sheep milk, UHT. The analyzer can be calibrated also for: Buffalo milk, Pasteurized milk, Goat milk, Mixed milk, Skimmed milk, Whey and other types of milk and milk derivatives.