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Инвестиционна схема за финансиране на проекти. Бизнес

преди 4 месеца Услуги София   124 прегледа

50,000,000 лв

  • Инвестиционна схема за финансиране на проекти.

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Регион: София
Цена: 50,000,000 лв По договаряне

The goal is to inform you about an investment scheme aimed at financing profitable businesses. If in any case you have an innovative business idea or a commercial project that has no funding for its implementation, do not hesitate to contact direct discussions on possible partnership on a peer-to-peer basis to determine if a common goal can be achieved. Has interests in the following sectors.
1. Agriculture - Crop and animal husbandry
2. Food processing
3. Import and export
4. Mining
5. Oil and gas,
6. Production
7. Service sector
8. Wholesale and retail trade
9. Information technology and telecommunications.
10. Transport
11. Medicine
12. Electricity
13. Education

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